Cute Moment As Lady Performs Surgery Together With Her Dad Who’s Also a Doctor

A proud daughter has shared an inspiring video of herself and her father who is also a doctor performing surgery together at a hospital.

The young lady, @buzzbox360 joined two separate moments of their lives in one video; one was a throwback video while the other showed their current state. 

In the throwback video, the lady could be seen when was a little baby resting in her father’s arms, she revealed that the video was taken during her father’s graduation from medical school.

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The after photo showed the doctor duo performing a surgical procedure on a patient together. 

Watch the video below:

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Social media users react to the video when it was shared on Instagram;

Xman Duke said: “I always wanted to be a doctor but I lack the brain capacity to accumulate everything it takes.” 

Shalewa Omar reacted: “Omo this is really inspiring. But how did both of you end up in same hospital? Is it owned by your dad?” 

Smith Oges_ remarked: “This is so cute to watch. I remember when my father wanted to force me to be a doctor. He is a doctor too. But I guess I’m just not built to be a doctor. I have a better dream for myself.” 

Jerry Ohale added: “Babygirl I’d love to get married to you ooo. It’s my desire to marry a doctor. I just feel they make good wives. This video is so cool anyway.” 

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