Handsome Guy Who Went For Hiking With Friends In Nasarawa Found Dead

In a sad report, a young guy who is identified as Stephen Tikya has been confirmed dead.

This young guy was found dead after initially going after he went hiking with a group of friends in Nasawara State.

His photos were shared in several social media posts made by his friends and family asking for social media users to help find him.

In the posts that were made, it was revealed that he went on a hiking trip with a group to Farin Ruwa Waterfall in Nasarawa state on Saturday, Jan 23, and although the others have returned, he didn’t return.

After the news of him went viral. one of his friends then gave an update saying;

“It’s so unfortunate His body has been found. Thank you so much guys.”

Source: www.ghgossip.com

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