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Leeds boss not considering contract talks now

Leeds United boss, Marcelo Bielsa, is not ready to consider a new contract until the end of the season.

Bielsa said he isn’t looking elsewhere.

He said: “What I said, the first thing I want to highlight because what it seems like is that the president of offering an extension and I am delaying it, it could be interrupted as the club having more of a desire to stay than I do and that’s not the case. In no way do I want to position myself above the club. I reiterate I am not going to manage any other options until my job here at Leeds is done. There is no speculation on my part.

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“The second thing is that the decision to work in a club for another year is so important that you must have clear security. When you have a third of the season left to play perhaps in this period there will be things that happen that will alter the judgment that is useful to have in mind. That is my reasoning. So I go to what you ask me.

“If the club needs an answer before the end of the season, I will respond before the end of the season. But if this happens I will take the time to tell them that they should consider what happens in the last part of the season. In this case, it’s possible that they could say to me to wait until the end of the season or they say they need to resolve it now. If they need a response prior to the end of the season I will give one.”



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