Ogidi Brown Drops Another ‘dirty’ Punches Against Fameye All In The Name Of $50K

I will take you to Antoa if you don't return my $50,000 in the next two weeks - Ogidi Brown warns Fameye - Video
Ogidi Brown – Fameye

Ogidi Brown of OGB Music has disclosed the exact thing that happened at the premises of Antoa when he and Fameye were called by the chief priest.

Some days ago, the ‘Nothing I Get’ composer was summoned to Antoa over a debt he owed after he parted ways with OGB Music.

The OGB Music boss, who was not happy about Fameye’s decision not to pay back his money, petitioned the elders at Antoa.
He told ZionFelix in an interview that Fameye did not show up on the day he agreed to visit Antoa, rather, he sent someone to represent him.

According to him, he reported at Antoa two days afterward.

Following his presence, Ogidi Brown claimed Fameye did not agree that he owes him $50,000.

After a back and forth, the ‘3n3 Nipa’ singer stated that his former artiste accepted that he owes him that amount.

Even after his acceptance, Ogidi Brown said Fameye told him he will pay some of the amount but not the full $50,000.
He added that he will accept the amount Fameye will pay if it’s about fifty percent of the amount he owes.

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