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Ronaldo’s Sphynx cat bounces back after accident in Turin


Cristiano Ronaldo’s £2,600 cat was run over in Turin and had to go into intensive care Unit for proper treatment.

The Sphynx cat called Pepe, thought to have been named after Ronaldo’s bald ex-Real Madrid teammate, was hit by a car in Turin,

Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, 27, decided to take the cat with her on a private jet back to Spain after it was released from intensive care at the vet

The hairless puss, a star of the couple’s hit Instagram sites before its accident, became part of their family just over two years ago.

Ronaldo’s girlfriend Rodriguez too the cat to Spain in a private jet

It has enjoyed luxury holidays with them and got its first taste of Ronaldo’s Gulfstream G200 long before its terrible accident.

The 36-year-old Juventus striker was once filmed playing with it as he laid on his front in a t-shirt and underpants while his girlfriend massaged his calf muscles.

Ms Rodriguez sparked pregnancy rumours last May by dressing the cat up as a baby and taking a picture of it being kissed by Ronaldo’s three-year-old son Mateo.

The influencer let the cat out of the bag on the car collision in an interview with Spanish magazine Instyle, saying: ‘Pepe has given us a terrible scare.

‘It escaped from home and was run over.

‘It was close to death and after a month and a half in intensive care at the vet’s, we’ve decided my sister Ivana should look after it.’Pepe’s now in Spain recovering.’

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Ms Rodriguez, who has a three-year-old daughter with Cristiano called Alana Martina and is the day-to-day mum of his other three children, added: ‘The youngest ones didn’t understand Pepe was sick and wanted to play with him.’Now he’s in the best hands.’

Ms Rodriguez introduced the new addition to the family to her 23 million Instagram fans in November 2018 by posting a picture of it on her lap alongside a message saying: ‘Pepe wishes you a nice day.’





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