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Saying COVID-19 Shouldn’t End Was A Slip Of Tongue

The man of God was heard in a viral video that he bought his third private jet during the COVID pandemic so he was praying the pandemic never ends because he was resting. “While people were complaining, my wife asked, ‘Can life be this sweet?’ he questioned his congregation.

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Social media users backlashed him over his comment in the viral video. Reacting to the insults and backlash, he said, “There’s a video that is trending about me. It was posted by a pastor against me. It was a program I had in Abuja and I was trying to explain something about COVID-19. When they told me that I prayed for COVID-19 not to end, I said ‘me? I didn’t say that.’

“When they brought the video, I discovered it slipped out of my mouth. There’s no pastor that will pray for Covid19 not to end. It doesn’t make sense. I was talking about what happens around Covid, how families were staying together, how families united, how some people even made money during that process.

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“That was what I was trying to buttress and it slipped out of my mouth. I could not have prayed for Covid not to end, no pastor would do that. But he (the pastor) took that mistake, edited some part, and blew it,” he said.


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