See Reasons Why Boris Johnson Resigned As UK Prime Minister

See Reasons Why Boris Johnson Resigned As UK Prime Minister 

Boris Johnson, the UK prime minister for less than three years, has announced his resignation.

On Thursday afternoon, July 7, he spoke from Downing Street, thanking the millions of people who voted for him and explaining why he had fought for so long to keep Number 10 because ““I thought it was my job, my duty and my obligation to you”.

Mr Johnson said it was “painful not to see it through”, but added: “No one in politics is remotely indispensable.”

He claimed he sought to persuade his cabinet that changing prime minister now would be “eccentric” to change prime minister now but “I regret not to have been successful in those arguments”.

Mr Johnson stated that the process of selecting a new head would begin immediately, with a schedule to be announced next week.

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In their resignation letters and speeches in the House of Commons, ministers said they were fed up with Johnson and his self-inflicted scandals, stoked by his prevarications, with one former official saying “enough is enough.”


Johnson, who had vowed to cling on to power, was facing the heat for his shifting claims on Chris Pincher, a lawmaker who stepped down as a government whip on June 30 following allegations of sexual misconduct.


Last Thursday, the Sun newspaper broke the news that Pincher, a Conservative MP, resigned after a boozy evening at the Carlton private members club where he allegedly groped two men, touching at least one of them in the groin.

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The announcement comes after a slew of scandals and months of political turmoil in his administration, with several Conservative MPs, including the health minister and chancellor, departing.

Pincher resigned, claiming that he had disgraced himself and others while drinking. Following his resignation, the administration stated that no further action would be taken against Pincher and that he would retain his position as an MP because he had admitted his wrongdoing. According to the BBC, this infuriated Conservative MPs.

This was not the first time Pincher had been accused of sexual misconduct. Johnson had elevated Pincher to the position of power as the party’s deputy chief whip.

Following early accusations that the Prime Minister was unaware of allegations of wrongdoing against Pincher before hiring him as deputy chief whip, revelations surfaced that Johnson was not only alerted about a formal complaint against Pincher in 2019-20, but was also personally briefed on it.

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Johnson said on Tuesday that he was notified of the complaint in 2019 and apologized for hiring Pincher to the government position.

The Pincher incident is the latest in a long line of problems for Johnson. After being chastised for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, he was implicated in the ‘Partygate’ affair, which arose from Downing Street parties and meetings held during the pandemic lockdowns.

Why Did Boris Johnson Resigned 

Johnson was punished by the police in April for violating the law by attending a birthday celebration during the June 2020 curfew.

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