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‘The Fight Against Gays Is Not For God’- Prof Gyampo

Given the way he shares his opinion on almost every topical issue in the country, it is surprising that a ‘whole’ Prof Gyampo is yet to react to the LGBT topic which became even conspicuous after Nana Akufo Addo ordered for closure of the LGBT office in Ghana.

For this reason, someone drew the attention of the Prof to the issue and he replied by saying homosexuality is animalistic and

“So Prof you wouldn’t speak against the lgbt? You are too loud in your silence why,” he questioned the UG professor under the comment section of one of his recent posts on Facebook.

In a courteous response, Mr. Gyampo wrote, “Hahahaha…..Ah but who will support excuse me to say “trumu trumu?” Any attempt to make it fester would be crushed by ordinary people. We won’t even allow God to fight this. It is simply animalistic and no one will support it.”


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