Twitter Influencer Motara Slams Users For Spelling Her Name Wrongly ( Video)

Twitter Influencer, Motara, has sent out a warning to her follower who spells and calls her name wrongly.

In a video, she lamented the fact that some people call her a boy even though she has all the curves of a woman and also has every structure of a lady. This has gotten her trolls because she herself made a mistake in spelling her name. Recall her account was taken down following her insensitive actions towards an orphan whilst driving.

The little girl in need of money and water asked her for a drink and she used hers to tease her without giving her anything. This caught the attention of her fans for her to be dealt with whilst on her way to work. She had all ambassadorial deals and other jobs also canceled. This time around, her anger is about how her name been misspelled and mentioned by some users on social media.

Watch the video below:


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