Vusi Nova Opens Up On Death Of His HIV Positive Mom, Being A Drug Addict

Musician Vusi Nova let the cat out on his drug addiction, losing his mom to HIV and how he squandered the money she left for him.

Speaking in an interview with Jon Savage on What’s your poison, the star recounted on how he moved from Port Elizabeth to Jozi and how that led to his drug addiction which took him years to get rid off.

It all started with a joint here and there, before moving to 20 joints a day and then I went on to Mandrax, crack, cocaine, Ecstasy and more. I went all the way. I got really addicted to crack and it went on for years.

Vusi went on to reveal that his mom’s death is was one the most painful things he has ever experience in his life.

I was still doing drugs when my mother passed away. I was 21 and it was when things really got bad. My mother left me a lot of cash when she passed and, as my way of grieving, I spent all of that money.

My mother was HIV-positive and for the longest time, I was telling people that she has cancer because I was afraid of how people would label her. The shame made my drug use more extreme.

The singer revealed he is now ready to make his mother proud after getting over his addiction and recently named his new album in her honour.


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