You Are Popular Today Because Of Shatta Wale-Entertainment Critic To Shatta Michy (Video)

Shatta Wale and Michy

A few days ago the baby mama and ex-girlfriend of Shatta Wale, Michy in an interview on UTV’s United Showbiz show revealed that her life with the dancehall crooner was like a Nigerian movie.

According to Michy, she wasted her youthful age with Shatta Wale but learnt her lessons.

She indicated that although she had good times with Shatta Wale, she realised after their breakup that she wasted most of her time with him.

Shatta Michy disclosed that living with Shatta Wale was like a Nigerian movie because it ended the way fans didn’t like just like in Nigerian movies.

Michy revealed that she is now independent and doing so well for herself after she broke up with Shatta Wale adding that the breakup was a blessing in disguise.

Reacting to the aforesaid by Shatta Michy, Entertainment critic, Journalist and vlogger identified as First Lady blasted Michy for saying bad things about Shatta Wale on UTV’s United Showbiz show.

According to First Lady, Shatta Michy is popular today because of Shatta Wale and she should be at least grateful for that instead of painting the dancehall crooner black in the public domain.

“If not because of Shatta Wale like no one knows you, Michy. I’m sure Shatta Wale’s hype or brand attached to you is even giving you more market with your restaurant business” First Lady said.

Watch the video below:





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