Young Student Seeks Advice As He Impregnates His Cousin’s Wife Who Sponsored His Education

A 21-year-old young student, who is serving as a house help in his cousin’s house has narrated how his cousin who pays his school fees wife got pregnant for him after he went abroad.

According to the boy, his cousin has been paying his fees in school, and then the man traveled abroad, leaving his wife behind and the young student has gotten her pregnant.

The 21-year-old student decided to go anonymous and is seeking advice on how to handle the matter as he narrates the exact story on his Facebook page.

In the narration to the Facebook page Anonymous Confessions of Ghanaian women, the young man said; 

“Please I need advice. I have gone to impregnate my cousin’s wife and she says she cannot do abortion. I was staying with them like a help to them and my cousin is paying my fees. I am doing diploma. My cousin had an opportunity to travel outside so he went last year and left his wife. The plan is to make her join him soon. So we were the only two people in the house. Their marriage is only like two years”

“Please I am just 21 years and my cousin is 35. He will kill me if he finds out. His wife too just wants to go and hide in her village and give birth and come back but I am afraid someone in my family will find out. As at now, no one knows only me and her. Please I need help. I have learnt a great lesson from this because we only had sex twice.”

“What should we do in a situation like this? Admin please post for me urgently. I feel like committing suicide.”

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What other people are saying he should do 

Nana Ama Tutua Walker commented: Wobooowaaa…U haven’t learnt any great lesson biaaa. See mumu who dey talk say we only had sex twice. Haaaahhhaaaaahhaaa. Anka were u expecting to have sex 100 times before she gets pregnant? U better accept the pregnancy coz we won’t allow u commit suicide biaaa 

Affum Kingsley Zico indicated: Please go to the near by police station to report yourself before he comes. You have used sex to exchange your destiny, I’m waiting to see the end of this drama such ungrateful being. 

Yvette Lanier mentioned: I am not going to judge because only God can judge you. My advice to you concerning this situation is to pray and ask God what you should do because committing suicide is not the answer 

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