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Your Body Language During S.e.x Can Earn You A Cocoa Farm-Actor Advises Women

Ghanaian actor  Michael Agyare aka  Grandpaa has advised women to be very particular with their body language during sexual intercourse as it can earn them huge ‘properties’ as much as a cocoa farm.

Speaking in an interview on eTV’s ‘In Bed with Adwen’,Grandpaa opined that it is a big turn off when a woman lays idle on the bed while having sexual intercourse with her man.

He indicated that moaning and being particular with body movements during sexual intercourse makes the act more pleasurable and can make a grown man gift a woman with his fathers cocoa farm.

Grandpaa added that men get overly crazy when a woman’s body language tells how much she is enjoying the s.ex.

“There are some women that when you’re having sex with them, they lay idle as if a truck tire has fallen on them in a dream. During sexual intercourse, the more you moan, the more aroused you both get so when your man is having sex with you, show how much you’re loving it.

If you knew how crazy men get when your body language tells how much you’re enjoying sex, you would do it every time. Moan regularly and trust me, your man will even give you his father’s cocoa farm for keeps” Grandpaa asserted.



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