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Reunion with Ancelotti at Real Madrid excites Alaba

David Alaba is excited that he would be playing for Carlo Ancelotti at Real Madrid.

The Austrian’s presentation was held on Wednesday.

He said, “I was sorry to see Zidane leave the club, but I am also very happy to see that Ancelotti is the new coach. I know him since my time in Munich. I saw him again a few minutes ago and it’s really nice to be able to work with him again. We only spoke for a couple of minutes and we didn’t talk much about football.

“I’m a very versatile player, it’s no secret that I can play in different positions. The decision is up to the coach and I have confidence in him. It’s up to the coach. Playing with three centre backs is a system that depends on where he wants to have each player.”

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On his Spanish, the former Bayern Munich defender continued: “I know a few words from my time at Bayern because we had Spanish players in the team and you end up picking up something. I’m going to try to learn the language as soon as possible to communicate with the rest of my teammates.

“I’ve spoken to Toni and I’m very happy to see him again. Real Madrid’s history and the success they have had over the last few decades is something that Kroos has told me about and which we all know. It’s the biggest club in the world for me.”

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